Welcome to Personal Fitness.

Personal Fitness, located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, is a private personal training studio owned and operated by a veteran certified fitness expert and entrepreneur.

Our team consists of skilled fitness professionals who are passionate about helping clients of varying age and fitness level who want to change their bodies and their lives. We specialize in nutritional guidance, body sculpting, strength training, weight loss, plyometrics, core conditioning, and different types of cardiovascular training such as endurance, sport, and interval.

A personalized program is developed for each client to fit their individual needs. Whether clients want to lose a couple pounds, gain muscle, train for an upcoming event, or lead an overall healthier, more energized life the experts at Personal Fitness are here to help you.


  • William "Bill" Moore

    Trainer William 'Bill' Moore

    This Mechanicsburg, PA native has attained master trainer credentials and during the course of his 25(+) years in the industry has developed a successful, unique training style. Promoting health and body transformation through guidance in weight loss, nutrition, strength training and cardiovascular exercise are the tools Bill uses to help his clients reach their goals at Personal Fitness. This trainer's passion and drive for the industry make him standout amongst his peers.

    In 1988, Bill opened his first full service fitness facility and a second one in 1992; both located on the West Shore. Then in 1998 this ACSM certified personal trainer/fitness expert decided that his clients needed and deserved dedicated, individualized training sessions. So, Bill decided to be a pioneer in opening the first private training facility in Camp Hill, PA. He firmly believes in changing the shape of Central PA, one body at at time.

    "If it was easy, everybody would do it."

    Opening Personal Fitness has enabled Bill to provide clients with the best, first-class environment to have a productive, safe workout. This professional's expertise is in exercise function and rehab. Medical professionals in the community refer patients to this individual and personally train with him too. Bill's long term career has afforded him the privilege to also train local residents, high school and colleges athletes, military recruits, private business owners and corporate executives.

    Currently, this dedicated trainer is actively researching, testing and implementing new exercise tools and concepts to provide his clients with the best opportunity for a productive workout. Bill is active in the community, supports varied charities and organizations some of which focus on Breast Cancer and Heart Disease.

  • MaryBeth Quirin (formerly MaryBeth Reisinger)

    Trainer William 'Bill' Moore

    MaryBeth, or MB as she is known by her clients, has been an active athlete and an outdoors person all her life. This Central-Pennsylvania native knew at an early age that she had a love for fitness and that working in the health and fitness industry was her calling. Her academic pursuits led her to Bloomsburg University where she earned a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. MaryBeth's professional experience includes more than 9 years coaching different Pennsylvania-based swim teams coupled with her work as a NETA Certified Personal Trainer at Personal Fitness since 2005.

    Sports experience in MaryBeth's portfolio includes a blend of field hockey, basketball, softball, swimming, and most recently ten years of rugby. She is known for her grueling, state-of-the-art and intense circuit-based workouts and is celebrated for her client-focus and eternal patience. This fitness professional's specialties include sport specific weight training, plyometrics, and flexibility for current, past and future athletes of all levels.

    "I am ready if you are!"

    Through her years playing sports she has had personal experience with major injuries which developed her knowledge and skill-set to work with post-rehabilitation of knee and rotator cuff surgeries as well as maintenance for back pain.

    Her philosophy is to live a healthy lifestyle including all aspects of fitness training with a balanced nutrition plan as well as a regular sleep schedule and stress management

  • Brianna "Bri" Davies

    Trainer Bri Davis

    Brianna "Bri" Davies has been an active athlete and a sports enthusiast her entire life. Since January 2011 she has been an active member of the United States Olympic Field Hockey Team and was a member of the United States Developmental Team from June 2009 through January 2011. Bri brings a lot of strength and agility expertise which she learned from the top professionals in the country while training at the Olympic Training Center. Before joining the National Field Hockey team, Bri played field hockey at the University of Maryland for four years while acquiring her Family Science Degree. During her time at Maryland she won two National Championships and was named an All-American.

    "The only one who can tell you 'you can't' is you. And you don't have to listen."

    She has the expertise, love of the sport, and the years of training at the highest level which enable Bri to provide first class service to the young male and female athletes. Bri has been training field hockey players for five years through the U.S. Futures Program, some of the top club field hockey programs, plus individual and group camps.

    Bri is very excited to train the younger generation of field hockey players and any upcoming athlete in his or her chosen sport. Whether it be gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, golf, ice hockey, ice skating, wrestling, field hockey or football, Bri is dedicated to helping young athletes be the best player they can be, and helping them get to the highest level possible. The main goal is to get the athlete to never give up and keep pushing themselves to their highest limits.


The following are just a sampling of what our clients have to say about Personal Fitness and the industry's leading professional trainers in Central Pennsylvania.

  • Bill is a very dedicated coach, whatever your condition, he figures out the right program to fit your goals. He practices what he preaches and is as dedicated to your conditioning as he is his own.

    Michael Pavone
  • I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me about a trainer he was working with at a gym in Camp Hill and how hard she worked him and how much stronger he had gotten as a result. At the time, I was having lower back pain issues and just couldn't get past them. Knowing I needed to strengthen my core, I called Jennifer Kline-Lyman and made an appointment that changed everything.

    I started training with Jen in December of 2010 and by February 2011 my back issues were gone. I worked with her 2 times a week through the winter and by spring I was stronger and leaner and actually participated in the first triathlon I had done in 12 years.

    Elaine Mottilla
  • After a few years of no regular exercise, I could feel myself losing strength and stamina in daily tasks. In the past, exercise had been important to me, but I felt it required a major time commitment to yield results. So instead of the many hours to get to the gym and do my workouts, I chose to focus on family and career. Over a year and a half ago, my husband began working out with Bill Moore at Personal Fitness and really improved his physique and strength. I asked him to connect me with Bill so I could train with him as well. It's been about a year since I started training with Bill and have been so happy with the results. I have regained the lost strength and stamina, and look forward to the days when I work out with Bill. He gets right to work during my time, and gets the results I want. He has taught me many techniques to improve my fitness, and I get it done without hours at the gym. My husband and I truly enjoy our experience at Personal Fitness.

    Debby Boarman
  • I have benefited from my ongoing experience at Personal Fitness in so many ways. My whole body's strength is greatly improved, as is my range of motion. My trainer's commitment to improving my condition and keeping me from hurting myself while doing it, instills great confidence in me as I do exercises and lifts I never thought I would be able to do. Her concern extends beyond my strength to what foods I might eat that would increase the benefits of the training. I also love having massage services available right there.

    Joe Bard
  • Coming to Personal Fitness is a love/hate relationship. I hate working out but I love going there and really enjoy seeing all the positive results.

    Joanne Moore
  • I started training with Bill Moore in 1992. With my job it is difficult to make time to work out and stay fit. Additionally, I was not blessed with great genetics, thus making it extremely easy to gain weight.

    Bill has kept me in shape and healthy for almost 20 years. Having a scheduled time makes me get up early to work out. I wouldn't consider missing a workout with Bill, but would do it often if I tried to do it by myself. My strength continues to increase annually. My diet is not perfect, but Bill counsels me on the right things to eat and when to eat. It is the listening and doing part of the diet that is a challenge.

    I would recommend Personal Fitness to anyone that wants to get in shape and stay in shape, but does not have the time to discipline themselves to do it consistently. You won't regret joining the Personal Fitness team.

    Dan Sunderland
  • I love coming to Personal Fitness! Bill, Marybeth and Jennifer are so accepting and welcoming. The environment in non-threatening and the attention I receive is very personal; my workout is designed especially for me! THANK YOU Personal Fitness for helping me age not only in a healthy way but also with grace and confidence!

    Susan Thomas
  • Since I've been working out at Personal Fitness my body has gotten a lot stronger! My weight training and cardio sessions are always pushing me and showing me things that I really can do! I have also learned the right healthy foods to eat and I am now aware of others that should be had in moderation.

    Katie Haldeman
  • For a consistent, regular workout, I come to Personal Fitness to work off stress or simply take a break. Personally, I can honestly say that a good workout gives me a positive outlook. Exercises vary from using numerous pieces of high quality equipment to lifting various types of free weights. My instructor, Jennifer, helps me focus on correct positions and adjusts weighted equipment accordingly. We usually do at least 2 circuits across numerous exercise regimens.

    My strength and physical coordination are drastically improved since I have started at Personal Fitness. At home, I am able to properly lift and carry items which I could not do in the past. In fact, I honestly think that I rarely entered a gym. Now, I feel like I'm more familiar with the various pieces of equipment.

    After joining Personal Fitness, I successfully worked out with various friends. And, my experience here has inspired one person to become a certified trainer. It appears as if other people noticed my strong initiative to improve my health.

    Personal Fitness provides a safe, controlled environment free of distractions with individualized activities for each client.

    Cindy Shollenberger
  • I have worked out with Bill Moore at Personal Fitness for over 12 years. They have an excellent facility, top notch equipment, and a very knowledgeable staff. I can't imagine not having Bill's workouts in my life. Bill works diligently to bring me to and maintain peak performance. Bill has a great personality and an excellent way about him. Bill makes workouts not just productive, but enjoyable as well. Bill is always switching up routines, working in new techniques and exercises, and he helps me avoid a plateau.

    Over the 12 years we've worked together, I have had times of physical injury from other sports and have also had rotator cuff surgery. Bill really helped me recover and rehab from these periods. I forget today which shoulder has had rotator cuff surgery. Bill's knowledge of the body's skeletal and musculature system is very helpful in both rehab and normal workouts. When I think of my weekly workouts with Bill, I think of them as my weekly body vitamins. Working out with Bill for these 12 years has really kept me in peak shape and has become a piece of my life that I look forward to every week.

    My workout with Bill is not only productive and enjoyable, it's in my schedule. That really helps me fulfill my commitment to myself to take care of my body.

    John Arnold
  • The death of a friend is what prompted me to go for a physical; that friend saved my life. After surgery and rehab I started to be active and wanted to continue. I found Personal Fitness. The combination of things past led to a continuing program with Bill and the ladies. I need to consume less carbohydrates, have less stress in my life and I need to continue to see Bill, stay flexible and burn calories, even when my schedule is tough. Never assume that you have reached your goals. Keep striving and showing up for your sessions; the pros at Personal Fitness will take it from there.

    Ed Black
  • My diet has been my biggest change to accomplish my goals. Eating more local and organic foods, planning every meal, plus including protein snacks after weight training or cardio help. Staying focused on eating healthy and not getting off track is my daily goal. I'm an "All or nothing" person so eating one cookie can easily turn into a whole bag. I attempt to have cut up veggies, hard boiled eggs and healthy choices in the fridge at all times. Everyone falls off track but it is getting back on as soon as possible that is the key. Planning ahead with meals and exercise helps me to be a healthier person.

    Jennifer Nichols
  • Focus on that word, 'goals'. Select something specific you would like to do and then hand that concept over to your trainer and let them do what they excel at: formulate a plan for your success. The combination of having that goal to drive you to complete your homework and having a trainer to motivate and prepare you is incredible. Take advantage of it and let them show you what you can really do; you might be as surprised as I was. Think about it, for that 30 minute period, two or three times a week, you have someone who is totally focused on one thing: you and your success in achieving your goal. How can you not want to harness that power?

    Andrew Greene
  • I have been a client of Personal Fitness since 2005. I chose to train with Bill because I wanted help losing weight. Over the years Bill has taught me how to correctly lift weights, improve my eating habits and find creative ways to include cardio. Overall, he has taught me the value of balancing all three to lead a healthy life and manage stress. Bill is a great partner in helping me lead a healthier life and I am very appreciative of his time and unyielding efforts. MaryBeth and Jennifer are just as wonderful as Bill; they are quick to answer any question I may have and will even take the time at that moment to physically demonstrate a move, if applicable, to ensure my question is thoroughly answered.

    Deb S.
  • I started in an effort to improve my golf game and I have found that my overall fitness has improved in addition to adding 20 yards to my golf drive. I feel much better and sleep better too.

    John Tierney
  • The core workouts that MaryBeth has me do have nearly eliminated the lower back pain that I use to experience. I am able to lift things without worrying. I recently provided end of life care for a loved one, and my workouts allowed me to do everything I needed to do physically without any hesitation. I am so grateful for that.

    Abby Tierney

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