Easy Weight Loss: 15 Solutions for Dysfunctional and Unhealthy Eating Habits

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with the Food You Eat.
It makes you mad doesn’t it?

You have a good friend or someone you know from work who appears to be lucky enough to go through life without ever having to give a second thought to what they put in their mouths or how they fuel their bodies.

They never seem to put on any weight regardless of what they eat.

Yet, other people become completely consumed and overwhelmed by eating to the point that their relationship with food becomes dysfunctional and unhealthy. It becomes the central focus point of their lives.

Why is this so?

From what I have observed over the years, dysfunctional eating can become a struggle for almost anyone, at any age and of any gender. Sometimes we just have to ask ourselves, “What is normal eating?”

I often notice this problem with younger people because of image marketing and peer pressure. This is most unfortunate as youth is short lived and should be enjoyed to the utmost.

Another thing I have noticed is, quite often dysfunctional eating begins with simple dieting strategies.

Over time, these dieting plans and programs morph into something much bigger; they no longer resemble a sound health and weight management plan.

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