To many flexible dieters, MyFitnessPal is like some sort of deity.

“You have cake? Let me check MyFitnessPal and see if I can fit it in.”

“Sure, we can go to Nando’s, they have the macros on MyFitnessPal.”

“Me? I don’t have food restrictions – I can eat whatever I like, provided I plug it into MFP.”

On the face of it, MFP is a wondrous thing. Where would we be without it?

As a macro-tracker, and someone who loathes the idea of clean eating, it really can be a godsend, as it allows you not only to keep stick to a diet without banning any foods, but it also keeps you accountable – the same way folk did back in the day by keeping a written food diary.

The phone app makes tracking on the go incredibly easy, the sheer size of the database is remarkable, and the barcode scanner is a work of pure genius.

I recommend it to all my clients, whether they’re in contest prep, or just trying to shift a few pounds and get healthier and happier.

So why then, do I think it could potentially ruin your fat loss?

Check out the rest of this article to find out!

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