The Number 1 Do and Don’t in your Nutrition

When talking nutrition you’ll find that there is a wide range of information that is available for your consumption. To be purely honest…there is just too damn much. Moreover, this expanse of words is filled with tips, secrets, and guidelines that often end up contradicting something else.

There are the zealots who boast about fad diets that do everything short of stopping death itself. Whether it is the alkaline diet, paleo, atkins, or even vegan diets there is a constant push to have adopt a particular set of habits. Each “boast” a series of benefits that are exclusive, unique, and critical to your longevity, or so they say.

Then there are the quality nutritionists who simply want you to focus on the basics and build from there. An emphasis on rules and steady progress towards a place of health and performance is typically the push. It’s boring and doesn’t package well for $39.99, but it works, and always will.

Regardless of whether or not you jump on the next fad diet, or find yourself simply focused on doing the small things correctly over time you’ll likely find yourself with a Do-and-Don’t list.

Check out this article for the details!

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