The Calorie Deficit Sweet Spot

You’re setting your calorie deficit all wrong.

This could be leading to:

  • Unnecessary muscle loss
  • Provoked binges
  • Very slow fat loss

And probably many other things but regardless, your calorie deficit, depending how you set it up, could be inappropriate. Often I find people either use a % deficit or they select an arbitrary amount to drop by, say 500. Whilst both do and can work fine, I find there to be a much better way to really individualise your Calorie deficit.

Or maybe someone starts out a diet expecting to lose 2lbs a week, because that’s the going figure right? Well that in itself again lacks any context of the given person, their situation, physiology and could lead to some quite harmful or unwanted results. So today I am going to tell you why your calorie deficit is wrong and how to truly individualise it.

Check out this article for more information!

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