The following are just a sampling of what our clients have to say about Personal Fitness and the industry’s leading professional trainers in Central Pennsylvania.test2

After a few years of no regular exercise, I could feel myself losing strength and stamina in daily tasks. In the past, exercise had been important to me, but I felt it required a major time commitment to yield results. So instead of the many hours to get to the gym and do my workouts, I chose to focus on family and career. Over a year and a half ago, my husband began working out with Bill Moore at Personal Fitness and really improved his physique and strength. I asked him to connect me with Bill so I could train with him as well. It’s been about a year since I started training with Bill and have been so happy with the results. I have regained the lost strength and stamina, and look forward to the days when I work out with Bill. He gets right to work during my time, and gets the results I want. He has taught me many techniques to improve my fitness, and I get it done without hours at the gym. My husband and I truly enjoy our experience at Personal Fitness. Debby Boarman

Coming to Personal Fitness is a love/hate relationship. I hate working out but I love going there and really enjoy seeing all the positive results. Joanne Moore

I started training with Bill Moore in 1992. With my job it is difficult to make time to work out and stay fit. Additionally, I was not blessed with great genetics, thus making it extremely easy to gain weight. Bill has kept me in shape and healthy for almost 20 years. Having a scheduled time makes me get up early to work out. I wouldn’t consider missing a workout with Bill, but would do it often if I tried to do it by myself. My strength continues to increase annually. My diet is not perfect, but Bill counsels me on the right things to eat and when to eat. It is the listening and doing part of the diet that is a challenge. I would recommend Personal Fitness to anyone that wants to get in shape and stay in shape, but does not have the time to discipline themselves to do it consistently. You won’t regret joining the Personal Fitness team. Dan Sunderland

I love coming to Personal Fitness! The trainers are so accepting and welcoming. The environment in non-threatening and the attention I receive is very personal; my workout is designed especially for me! THANK YOU Personal Fitness for helping me age not only in a healthy way but also with grace and confidence! Susan Thomastest1

I have worked out with Bill Moore at Personal Fitness for over 12 years. They have an excellent facility, top notch equipment, and a very knowledgeable staff. I can’t imagine not having Bill’s workouts in my life. Bill works diligently to bring me to and maintain peak performance. Bill has a great personality and an excellent way about him. Bill makes workouts not just productive, but enjoyable as well. Bill is always switching up routines, working in new techniques and exercises, and he helps me avoid a plateau. Over the 12 years we’ve worked together, I have had times of physical injury from other sports and have also had rotator cuff surgery. Bill really helped me recover and rehab from these periods. I forget today which shoulder has had rotator cuff surgery. Bill’s knowledge of the body’s skeletal and musculature system is very helpful in both rehab and normal workouts. When I think of my weekly workouts with Bill, I think of them as my weekly body vitamins. Working out with Bill for these 12 years has really kept me in peak shape and has become a piece of my life that I look forward to every week. My workout with Bill is not only productive and enjoyable, it’s in my schedule. That really helps me fulfill my commitment to myself to take care of my body. John Arnold

The death of a friend is what prompted me to go for a physical; that friend saved my life. After surgery and rehab I started to be active and wanted to continue. I found Personal Fitness. The combination of things past led to a continuing program with Bill and the ladies. I need to consume less carbohydrates, have less stress in my life and I need to continue to see Bill, stay flexible and burn calories, even when my schedule is tough. Never assume that you have reached your goals. Keep striving and showing up for your sessions; the pros at Personal Fitness will take it from there. Ed Black

I started in an effort to improve my golf game and I have found that my overall fitness has improved in addition to adding 20 yards to my golf drive. I feel much better and sleep better too. John Tierney

The core workouts that Personal Fitness has me do have nearly eliminated the lower back pain that I use to experience. I am able to lift things without worrying. I recently provided end of life care for a loved one, and my workouts allowed me to do everything I needed to do physically without any hesitation. I am so grateful for that. Abby Tierneyhome3

I’ve been working out with Bill Moore at Personal Fitness for over 4 years, at the recommendation of my doctor. Bill is a committed and knowledgeable professional who has taken my physical and muscular conditioning to a new level. I have gained muscle and strength and improved my overall health under his tutelage. I feel better about myself and my overall conditioning. Plus, it doesn’t take a huge time commitment. For a half hour 2x each week, Bill puts me through my paces, and I am able to fit it easily into a busy schedule. I would recommend Personal Fitness to any busy professional looking to improve their overall health. Terry Harris

For more than a decade, Bill Moore has been a key factor in my personal fitness lifestyle. He is an expert trainer and nutrition counselor; I can’t imagine another person knowing more than Bill. If you want fitness results that help fuel your personal success, you will find no better resource than Bill Moore. Bill’s particular focus on CEO’s and Entrepreneurs further separates him from the pack. If you work with Bill, you will only get stronger and healthier.  Alan Todd

It is amazing how priorities change when a 47 year old sibling has a massive heart attack. That’s when you realize that your career is insignificant and your health and the people that you love is everything.  I knew it was time for me to get off the couch and quit using “chronic pain” as the reason for being out of shape, overstressed and 50 pounds overweight.  I heard about Personal Fitness from Dan S. and I was convinced it was the place to be. Within a few months I began to notice a significant reduction in chronic pain and felt better than I had in years.  Bills systematic & refined approach to core strengthening was not only crucial to my success, it was the key to having a much better and more balanced life. Taking the time to better myself and become healthy again was easier than I imagined once the decision was made and would recommend it to everyone.  I actually look forward to working out, to the camaraderie and friendship Bill and I have along with the entire team from Personal Fitness.  Bill continues to impress me with his unyielding commitment to providing the best service experience for his customers. With his recent facility improvements and new equipment investments, Bill shows that Personal Fitness is not simply a company name, it is a description of what he delivers.  That’s why I have referred my friends to Personal Fitness and will continue to do so. Thank you and well done Personal Fitness.  Dan Boarman

I’ve been weight training since I was 15 years old and have experimented with a vast variety of training techniques and approaches. None seems to be as efficient and results driven as the workouts the Master Trainer Bill Moore from Personal Fitness puts me through each week.. Bill’s years of training experience, coupled with his detailed knowledge of the human body and inner workings, has yielded results in me at 48 that I have spent 33 years trying to uncover. My workouts are harder, with full engagement of each targeted muscle group, and they challenge me to push myself in ways I could not do without the proper direction one receives from the Personal Fitness team. Bill and his group focus on all key development areas; muscular strength development, dietary recommendations and approaches, and proper instruction on sufficient rest and over-training prevention. All of this while incorporating a strong cardio workout through the super-set theory and quick paced timing associated to the customized workout. Bill and team also cater to injury prevention exercises. If you have an injury, Bill creates a customized plan that allows you to work out in such a way that permits strengthening and development of that weakened area. If you are interested in a fast past, effective workout, with knowledgeable professionals, Personal Fitness is where you need to be.  Brian Sherer

Bill Moore, his staff and facility definitely gets my praise and support. I have had numerous shoulder surgeries. He has helped me personally become injury free and stronger in those areas I needed by performing the correct warm ups, the correct exercises and specially by using the correct techniques. I am continually seeing the positive results I seek and work so hard on. Not only has he helped me, he has helped my son. My son is a student athlete now playing in college. During his high school and now college years, Bill and his staff has helped him become a much stronger and explosive athlete in his specific sport. He has continually taught him the correct techniques of lifting to stay healthy and has made him stay the disciplined athlete he needs to be.  Thank you!!!!  Jay Farnhamtest5

My husband and I have been training with Bri for almost 2 years. We enjoy working out with her for many reasons. She is extremely talented and keeps the sessions stimulating and varied. The workouts are planned with our goals and fitness level in mind. Working out with her got us stronger and enhanced our cardiovascular health. Her commitment to training us keeps us committed! Liana Laza

I am grateful for Bill and the Personal Fitness team. I spent the first 48 years of my life neglecting my health. Bill not only helped me with his amazing personal training, but also taught me about behavior modification, proper diet, and the importance of regular maintenance. Most importantly for me, I respect Bill as the dedicated professional that he is. Working with Bill has been the major reason that I am far healthier, feel better, and have managed to literally transform to a much healthier lifestyle than at any time in my life. I shutter to think where I’d be right now had I not chosen to dedicate myself with time and resources to a healthy lifestyle with the help of Personal Fitness.  Jeff Boarman

A year ago, my daughter had to cancel one of her sessions with Bri. On a whim, I decided to use her appointment. That quick decision was nothing short of life-changing. I’m in better shape at 49 than I was at 39.  I had written off personal trainers because of a prior bad experience and am so grateful I took a chance that day with Bri. Within a few short weeks, I could see a noticeable difference in muscle tone and I was hooked. The impact just a few 30 minute sessions each week can have is amazing. And the 30 minute workouts fly by! They are fast-paced and varied. It’s never the same workout twice. And Bri is just delightful! She is always upbeat, positive and encouraging.  Bri strikes a perfect balance between challenging and following a careful progression. I have never been over-worked to the point of pain. She also adapted my program when I was coping with an injury. She customized exercises to complement physical therapy sessions which I’m confident was the reason I recovered sooner than expected.  In the past I was not consistent with strength training. But since that first session with Bri, I decided to make an investment in my health and I have never looked back.  Cynthia H. Sklar

I’ve been training at Personal Fitness for almost five years now. The Personal Training approach fits nicely into my busy schedule and I appreciate the personal instruction as I am a big believer that the best results – and the fewest injuries – occur by using the proper technique. The best thing in my view, however, is the “freshness” of the workouts. Nearly each week over my five year tenure, Bill Moore has a new exercise for me that I literally have never done before. Not only is this a positive from the mental standpoint, it also produces great results. All in all, Personal Fitness is a great way to start the day!  Brad Gunnison

I am 76 yrs. old and have been a gym rat for over 50 yrs. As a young man I became very involved with weightlifting and bodybuilding. As time when on and family and business took up more of my time, my time in the gym diminished. At about 63 yrs. of age I thought I was still in fair shape. I either worked out in my gym at home or went to one of the local gyms.   A good friend of mine Dr. Leslie Packer introduced me to Bill. I have been with Bill ever since. I thought I knew a lot about exercise and staying in shape, I was wrong. Bill’s knowledge and coaching technics are world class. He is constantly studying and keeping up to date on all facets of his field. He is able to work with people at all levels of condition, from the couch potato to the professional athlete regards of their sport.  As an example, in September 2005 I had major surgery on my stomach. I contracted a staph infection and lost 30 lbs. By January 2006, Bill had me back to my normal weight and strength level. Most people don’t realize the condition they are in. They don’t know how good they could feel. With Bill’s help, age is just a number. The only way I will leave this gym is if he throws me out or I die of old age.  Cal Hartman

I have been working with Bill since June 2015 (about six months) and have seen huge changes in a short amount of time. Bill has helped me shift from eating six small meals per day (who has time for that?!) to intermittent fasting with four meals per day. What a remarkable change! Not only is it easier to plan fewer meals but I also enjoy them more because they aren’t so tiny and mentally taxing! With Bill’s help and the intermittent fasting mindset I have been able to slim down 20lbs. I was stuck in a rut when I first met with Bill so seeing and feeling this change has been fantastic physically and mentally!  Another area Bill helped me with was reducing my training and time spent in the gym—LESS time in the gym?—sounds crazy, right?! Not so! Bill steered me towards more meaningful workouts and elimination of overtraining. I was very guilty of overtraining—more is better? Wrong! Bill’s method is simple:  1. Have a plan; 2. 30 minutes to execute the plan; and 3. If you can’t get it done in 30 minutes you’re doing it wrong.  It’s wonderful not to spend two hours in the gym every morning wearing myself out overtraining and not seeing results. The lifting/cardio regimen Bill taught me has worked wonders on my body. My back has toned even more, my waste/hips are smaller (!), and my strength is at an all time high. Seeing the physical changes I’m able to achieve with Bill’s guidance has improved my confidence and mental health, as well.  Bill knows this business! He makes certain you are doing the best exercises for you and doing them with the correct form for best results! His fitness knowledge, personal experience, and guidance are an asset. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to change for the better!  Lyndsy Haviland, CPIM, CSCP