So You Lose All That Weight, Now What?

During one of my many late night brain storming sessions, I had a wonderful idea based off a conversation I had with a couple clients earlier in the week.  Often many people who workout lose a significant amount of weight and start to really take back control of their life from an emotional and physical stand-point; but they hit their goal and what happens?  They gain most or all of the weight back.

This is a common occurrence and can be seen across many platforms – day-to-day gym-goers, as well as, the extreme side of things with contestants of The Biggest Loser; with reports of many of those individuals falling right back to their original weight or very close to it.

So clearly just hitting their goal and looking great isn’t the answer, if it was, well I’d be out of a job from the weight loss stand-point of my business.  Unfortunately once you hit your goal what many people don’t realize is that the journey is just beginning.

Normally I would go on with an entire blog about my viewpoint on the topic, but I decided that one wasn’t enough, so I reached out to a handful of other fitness professionals to get their opinion on this very crucial topic.

LaVack Fitness Note: 18 AWESOME trainers gave their input!

Check out the advice from 18 experts!

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