Scientists just found that red meat causes cancer … or did they?

In the past couple days, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably been seeing headlines of the “Red Meat as Carcinogenic as Smoking!” variety.

What happened? Just a year and a half ago, we covered the (ludicrous) media frenzy on “High Protein Diets as Dangerous as Smoking”. Are reporters taking crazy pills, or is there really something to the headlines this time?

To understand this issue, you have to understand just a bit about the science of red meat metabolites as well as about epidemiology. The following is a quick primer. But before reading, please realize that being labeled as a carcinogen is fairly common: Not only are harmful compounds like alcohol potentially carcinogenic, but so are the health elixirs aloe vera and yerba mate tea. The actual impact depends on the dose, what makes up the rest of your diet, and many other factors.

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