Programming Cardio to Support Muscle & Strength Development

1. Lets make this clear, strategic cardiovascular training will not steal your muscle and strength gains. Proper cardio training can actually improve strength and increase muscle mass.

2. Cardio has to involve more than slogging around for hours on end. Appreciating the different types of energy systems and foundations of concurrent training is pivotal in making cardio work for you, and not against you when it comes to becoming stronger and more muscular.

3. If you want to maintain muscle mass, keep cardio and strength training bouts separate, and place an emphasis on splitting up lower and upper body modalities of both training and cardio.

4. For long term orthopedic health and the avoidance of cumulative stress injuries choose low impact modes of cardio while focusing on quality over quantity.

5. If you want to maximize your performance, prioritize proper fueling and refueling cardiovascular sessions and avoiding central nervous system fatigue. That’s what resistance training and conditioning are for.

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