1. For those of you too lazy to read the recent World Health Organization’s study on the carcinogenic nature of meat, here’s a quick update; processed meats are cancer causing, and red meats may POTENTIALLY be associated with increased incidence of cancer.

2. Processed meat is terrible for your general health and wellbeing, duh! The bigger picture for processed meats is more specific to the dose, along with the other co-morbid factors associated with cancer such as exercise, lifestyle choices and other nutritional intakes which has been vastly overlooked.

3. The source of your red meat and the way in which it is prepared DOES MATTER. As red meat is burned under high temperatures it is broken down into compounds that are often times associated with smoking. Want to stay healthy and still enjoy a nice New York strip?  Stop charring your food.

4. Cows are born to eat grass and produce mass amounts of nature’s fertilizer. Since America started pumping our cattle full of corn and grain, our Western culture is partly to blame for this epidemiological outrage. Want to protect yourself? Stop buying the $1.99 special and start investing in your health.

5. In the end, it all comes back to eating high quality, nutrient dense foods – most of the time. Don’t fall into the media’s scare tactic of comparing a steak to smoking two packs a day for three decades. Everything in moderation, and remember, there is more to health than the consumption of animal carcasses.

Check out this article for the details.

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