It’s Not The Dad “Bod” That’s The Problem – It’s The Dad “Mindset”

Happy Father’s Day…

f it’s on the internet, then it must be true, right? Isn’t that what we are lead to believe? I know you have friends like this. The ones who annoyingly drop random internet articles on your Facebook wall, and then justify those articles as true. As if we need to take everything at face value, simply because it’s basking in the electric glow of your computer screen.

The latest “internet truth” to come out was the (now) infamous “Dad Bod” article. An article which defended the lacking physique of the 25-40 male demographic. You know the type – the not too fat, not too trim, not too masculine “skinny fat” look. The “Dad Bod” is described as having “pipecleaner” arms and a “bit of a belly”. Think Leonardo DiCaprio.

…take a read of this article!

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