Is Body Fat Testing A Waste Of Time?

Is it really necessary to measure your body fat to ensure fat-burning and muscle-building progress? Some experts today are starting to suggest that we throw away our body fat calipers, just as others in the past have told us we should “throw away our scales.”Should we listen, or would that be making a huge mistake?  Find out the answer in this week’s Burn the Fat Blog “Ask Tom” Q & A…

Q: Hey Tom, I recently read an article online by a well-respected trainer saying that it’s not necessary to measure your body fat. The main argument was that it’s how you look that counts, and if you tune-in to how you look from week to week, and ultimately, if you like how you look, then it really doesn’t matter what your body fat percentage number is. A secondary argument was that body fat testing is not accurate, so your results are often wrong. All things considered, the author said body fat testing is a total waste of time and you should throw away your body fat calipers and scales because they will only mess with your head and cause discouragement and frustration. Your thoughts?

Maybe, check out this article to find out!

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