How To Beat Hunger

On Day One of a diet, you’re feeling great.

You’re motivated, you have willpower, you’re excited, you’re ready for the “new you” to take shape.

You happily eat your meals and munch on your carrots.

You think to yourself,

This isn’t that bad. I’m not very hungry. I can do this.

In a few months’ time, I’m going to be a whole new person.

This time is different. I’m motivated and ready – let’s do this!
Into the gym you walk, determined to stick to your plan.

You load the bars up, lift the weights, take care of business, and head home – satisfied and eager to be the “you” you’ve always wanted to be.

Fast forward 6 weeks…………………..

That motivation you had in the first week is completely gone.

You’re not excited – you’re annoyed and tired – your mood has gone from great to piss-poor.

Those carrot sticks you enjoyed so much on Day 1 are making you gag on Day 40.

Those workouts you were all jacked up for seem like a chore now.

None of those items are as bad as the HUNGER, though.

Hunger seems to have taken a permanent spot in the passenger’s seat. You wake up hungry, you go to sleep hungry, you train hungry…….. the only time you’re not hungry is during the 15 minutes you are eating each meal.

5 minutes after your meal is finished, the hunger is back.

So, what do we do? Can we beat hunger? Can we make hunger go away and vanish?

Is it possible to diet and not be hungry?


Check out this article to find out!

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