Four Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight While Tracking Calories

1. Count calories.
2. Enter them in a food log.
3. Lose weight.

It seems so straightforward, doesn’t it? Then why do so many people feel frustrated that their fat loss stalls, despite faithful calorie counting?

Learning to eat in a way that sustains our goals is a skill that we have to build. For the long haul, building sustainable habits should make meticulous tracking unnecessary. However, for many people, counting calories can be a very useful way to gain data when they’re initially embarking on a fat loss program.

Yet so many people encounter brick walls when it comes to progress, despite feeling like they’re doing all the right things. I feel you — it is frustrating! We swear up and down that we’re eating at a number that should easily produce results. It makes NO SENSE to us that we aren’t losing weight. So what gives? Read on for 4 ways that calorie counting goes off course and what you can do about them.

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