Drink This, Not That!

Healthy or not? 13 drinks analyzed and reviewed.

Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Almond milk gives you none of the benefits of almonds, and neither does it give you the benefits of regular milk.
  2. Beer is a nutrient-filled drink, about as healthy as wine, in moderation.
  3. Bottled water isn’t better than tap. Tap water, as long as its hard water and you use a filter, might be healthier than bottled.
  4. Broth and coffee do have some health benefits, though broth has been overhyped by the paleo crowd.
  5. Gatorade is not a legitimate recovery drink for any strength sport.
  6. Green tea might be the one drink that lives up to its hype.
  7. Limit juices to a couple of ounces diluted with water.
  8. Raw milk is superb, but be wary of poor sanitation. But no serious lifter would consider chocolate milk a decent recovery drink.

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