Don’t Believe the Hype: Eating a Lot of Butter, Bacon, and Other Fatty Foods Won’t Make You Healthy

Did you grow up hearing that you should stay away from foods high in fat, in particular those that contain a lot of saturated fat and/or cholesterol, and instead consume plenty of carbohydrates? If so, then you’re not alone. For decades, a mist of low-fat dogma has covered the nutritional landscape. Fat-reduced varieties of all kinds of foods have made their way into grocery stores worldwide, and dietitians and official dietary guidelines have recommended people to eat plenty of grains and carbohydrates and avoid butter, red meat, and other fatty foods.

However, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that over the most recent decade, and in particular the last couple of years, the pendulum has started to swing in the opposite direction. Low-carbohydrate diets have experienced an upswing in popularity, and more and more books, blogs, and newspaper articles make the case that it’s long overdue to “end the war on fat”. Some bloggers, authors, and “diet experts” even go as far as to say that we can basically eat as much butter, bacon, and other high-fat foods as we want as long as we restrict our intake of carbohydrate.

Is this true? Should we throw all our concerns regarding saturated fat and high-fat foods out the window and start including a lot of high-fat cream, GHEE, and fatty meats into our diet?

Check out this article for the answer!

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