In one word, no.

Let me explain. Fat loss comes from one thing: a caloric deficit.

Sure, macros, micronutrients, type of exercise and a bunch of other stuff matters.

But the main thing is that you burn more calories than you eat. End of story.

So many people say “you have to do cardio to lose weight.” And it makes sense right? Cardio helps you burn calories, and therefore helps you lose weight.

But guess what else burns calories?

✅ Weight training

✅ Body weight training

✅ Martial arts

✅ Dancing

✅ Walking around the block

✅ Playing with the dog

✅ Taking the stairs

It’s easy to get hung up on the idea that you have to do lots of boring cardio to lose fat, but if you can’t sustain that activity because it’s boring, or cuts into your recovery, or is a pain in the ass to do, or you just plain hate it, it’s not going to give you lasting fat loss results.

So focus on things you enjoy doing. For me, I love strength training and I try to walk as much as makes sense, but no more than necessary.

Fat loss (or muscle gain) literally comes down to managing your caloric intake.


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