Diets Don’t Work…

…Discover the Reality about Weight Loss
By John Falkinder

Here’s the Real Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work Long-Term.
Surprisingly to many, it’s a fact diets still don’t work……so……
……how DO I Lose Weight without Dieting???
My regular followers have heard me say this many times before and I will say it once again… the long term, and is there any other way……Diets Don’t Work. Period!

(Although I have found that VANITY is a powerful motivator.)

Before and after pics of a man with 16 months nutrition and exercise changes and losing 81.6 kgs (180 lbs).

Ahead are some powerful ideas I have researched offering a different approach for you about “how to prevent weight gain instead of encouraging weight loss”.

So, Why Don’t Diets Work Long-term?
Because as soon as you finish the program whether it is a 90 day challenge your local gym or personal trainer has organized, the Paleo Diet (or Caveman Diet), the Skinny Bitch Diet, the 3–Hour Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Cabbage Diet, the Fat Flush Plan, the Glycemic Index Diet, the Hormone Diet, the Blood Type Diet, the Nutrisystem Diet, the See Food Diet, Jenny Craig the Slow Down Diet, the 7th Day Adventist Diet or any of the other weird and wonderful diets like Gold Diet Pills that continually flood the market and empty your pockets, you end up slowly but surely putting the weight back on.

It is inevitable.

Many unsuspecting people are often conned by the histrionics of the marketing surrounding the benefits of certain over the counter weight loss supplements and products.

Why is that you might ask?

The real answer is not sugar coated or pretty…….but here we go anyway.

Because you, the person trying to lose weight, still haven’t come to grips with the main issue…..your eating habits… nothing has really changed.

James Clear tells it like this: “If you commit to nothing, you’re distracted by everything.”

So you finish the diet program, have probably lost a few kilos, and in some cases a lot of kilos, but you revert to your former eating habits (or should I say lifestyle/environment).

You haven’t managed to develop a new HABIT……or conversely….you haven’t rid yourself of the old one.

Better still, you haven’t created a new “lifestyle” for yourself. I know, it’s a hard slog, isn’t it?



To me, that is one of the big “secrets” of weight loss success – we all eat too much.
I’ll leave you with this quote to think about from Aristotle; “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Cheers – John – your Active Ageing Mentor and Coach.

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