Changing Your Life Is Not A 45-Day Challenge

“Check out our new 30-day detox!”
“Sign up for the 90-day paleo challenge!”
“Get ready for bikini weather with our 45-day beach booty diet!”

Most every gym, website, and self-proclaimed Facebook fitness expert on the planet has their own version of the above statements. And if they do, they’re not helping you; they’re just selling something.

First things first: Anything with the word “detox” in it that does not involve a hospital stay or an in-residence rehab program for substance abuse is a sham. Your body has a very sophisticated system for removing toxins from the body, and when that stops working, you become acutely ill and wake up attached to machines that beep a lot. While it’s true that any substance in sufficient quantity can become toxic (water, oxygen, etc.), your body has mechanisms to handle those too, and none of them require some special potion that your friend you haven’t talked to since high school tries to sell you in their living room.

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