A 3500 Calorie Deficit Burns a Pound of Fat, Right?

Nutrition 101 has told us for years that burning 3500 calories drops a pound of fat, but recent studies have shed some interesting light on this theory.  Fitness enthusiasts listen up because now we are moving into “Nutrition 102” and will be learning something new about calories and what we are really losing.

Let’s start with some history.  Max Wishnofsky M.D., conducted the original research in 1958 and adopted the “3500 calorie deficit” formula which continues to be cited in thousands of educational websites, studies, and scientific articles. Dr.  Kevin Hall challenged the formula and released a manuscript in 2007 and has redefined the “3500 calorie to burn a pound” idea.  His paper is impressive with enough scientific data and formulas to stump even the brainiest nerd and I will not be jumping into math class right now but sticking with the discovery.  Following up the research published in the International Journal of Obesity is Dr. D.M. Thomas who has not only debunked the “3500 calorie to burn a pound” theory, but has also provided 3 new downloadable applications that “simulates a rigorously validated, dynamic model of weight change.”

Check out this article for the details!

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