If you’ve ever tried to ‘diet’ but haven’t had much success, then pay attention closely.

Every successful fat loss story will come as a result of practicing established habits on a consistent basis.

Forget about quick fixes. What you need are solid nutritional habits.

In today’s article, I want to share 11 habits you need to practice to become a successful dieter.

1) You focus on the ‘Big Rocks’

A successful dieter focuses on the big rocks or the stuff that really matters most. Stuff like:

Eating in a calorie deficit
consuming adequate protein
drinking plenty of water
eating 2-3 servings of fruits and veggies every day
eating mostly whole foods (80/20 rule)
Worrying about nutrient timing, supplements, and whether your food is organic or not are simply pebbles in the grand scheme of things.

To be a successful dieter you must focus on the big rock items first and foremost.

Check out this article for the other 10!


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