10 Nutrition Myths Debunked

Despite advancements in nutrition research, many people are still clinging to old, outdated ideas. Are you one of them? Here are 10 nutrition myths that have been debunked by science!

When it comes to nutrition, false or misleading information seems to be everywhere. Start a conversation with a stranger—or even a loved one—and you’ll hear how eating fat makes you fat. Too much protein, of course, will kill you deader than a ribeye. And yes, egg yolks are the devil.

The worst part? There are still plenty of nutrition “experts” making these claims, even in mainstream media where millions take their word as gospel! For this reason, it can be extremely difficult to determine what’s accurate and what’s nothing more than a bunch of gibberish.

Let’s take a look at 10 common nutrition myths and uncover the truth!

Check out this article for all 10…which one is your favorite?

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